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Sims by Izza

My Sims 2 experiences and creations

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The Fennell Legacy: 4.5 - The College Years - Freshman

In our last episode: Arden and Alana became best friends, Bijou's ghost scared the pants off our poor heir, Shilo, and Shilo finally headed off to college to start this halfway house of an ungeneration that is The College Years.

Upon arriving at college, Geoff decided to follow in his mother's footsteps and study psychology.  Burrich opted for a degree in philosophy in the hopes that it might improve his writing skills.  Shilo, of course, wished to study drama, as all would-be prestidigitators do.  The poor kid has no idea that he'll never be allowed to enter his chosen career, but we should let him have what he wants for as long as possible - his adulthood is going to be traumatic enough without ruining his college experience with the truth!

The Fennells have always been a musical bunch, and Geoff is no exception...

Patricia's Ageless Siblings: *line up to give the current generation their hard-earned simoleons*
The dorms this time around have a slighly different (and less volatile) line up.  We have all of the previous generation's Fennells still in college, plus Violetta, Russet's current love interest.  The evil Opal and Trent have apparently opted to move to another dorm.  Wise, though it reduces the daily drama considerably.

Well aware that his parents expect the best of him, Geoff settled down to write his entire term paper on his first day of college.

Our little fluttercake of an heir kept much to his dorm room for his own studies.  Meeting new people is overwhelming.

Geoff: Oh, dear lord - what is that thing?
That'd be Violetta.  And don't act so disgusted - I saw your ACR token stats - you think she's the hottest thing since Aggie Frost.
Geoff: It's hideous!

Burrich: "What does mechanical knowledge have to do with philosophy anyway?"
Achilles: "Anything in life can be a metaphor.  You're not thinking outside the box."

After his oh, so terrible experience of setting eyes on Violetta, Geoff stuck to his room much of the time for his studies.

Octavius: "I'd love to meet a tall, dark, handsome astronaut... and have him touch my balls..."
Achilles: *sigh* "I sure wouldn't kick one out of bed..."

Shilo: "I feel incredibly straight and awkward.  I'm going back to my room now."

Achilles: "Your brother needs to grow up.  This is college."

Burrich: "Maybe... but it is kind of disconcerting to hear your uncles talk sex at the breakfast table.  Could you guys at least stop mentioning your balls?"
Achilles: "Never."

Octavius: "Is it just me, or does the personal trainer have her hand down her pants?  And you think our breakfast conversation is disgusting?"
Shilo: "Oh god!  Why would you draw my attention to that?  Why??!!"

Shilo: *enjoys sports*
Rupert: "Can we change the channel so I can check on my stocks?"
Shilo: *studiously ignores*

Burrich, finishing his own term paper.  Win.

College is a time for new experiences and exploring new interests.  Geoff's new interest is flower arranging.  That's right.  He spends all his spare time making bouquets of loveliness, which he's kindly donated to Shilo for the wooing of some future and unknown spouse.

However, Shilo's not quite thinking about spouses yet.  Term papers are more important right now.

Communal shower spam, because I can...


End communal shower spam.

After making the Dean's List (along with his brothers), Burrich decided to unwind with a trip to Legacyville Family Centre.  Let's see how his ice skating skills measure up, shall we?

Burrich: "Oh, the humanity!"

He may suck at ice skating, but he wins at sharing a Cheetos moment with the gorgeous Celeste Nelson by niloublue.

Burrich: All future Fennells will think of me as dashing and handsome.
You are dashing and handsome.  Silly boy.

Joanne: "If I'd been heir instead of your mother, you never would have been born.  You should be bowing down to me and fulfilling my every whim out of gratitude."
Shilo: *ponders and chooses to ignore*

Geoff: Eww!  When I suggested Violetta should clean up the dorm a little, I didn't mean she should touch my bed!  How am I going to sleep with that disgusting thought?  How?
Don't make me slap you.  And why are you wearing Shilo's clothes?
Geoff: "It's laundry day...."

Burrich: *avoids the tender ministrations of the busy-handed personal trainer for another day*

Shilo: I think they like me!  Perhaps I really am destined to be a performer!
That's the spirit, sweetheart.


Geoff: "I'm thinking of buying a sewing machine with my grant money."
Russet: *almost dies laughing*
Geoff: That wasn't a joke.... *laughs along with Russet in an effort to save face*

Geoff: This will be the greatest potholder ever sewn.
I've never bought the sewing machine before, or had a sim want to.  Hooray for Geoff's enjoyment of arts & crafts!

Achilles: "Indeed, grilled cheese is the ultimate snack.  I could go one right now!"
Shilo: "Oh my god, you like grilled cheese too?  I think we have more in common than I originally thought."
I'm glad to see he's finally coming out of his shell more...

He's also discovered an affinity for Geoff's sewing machine.  He's surpassed his older brother in skill with it, too.  He's made so many potholders!

Shilo: "Say, I really dig your shirt.  It's not quite as transparent as mine, but it's wicked cool."
Violetta: Did he really just use the term "wicked cool"?  "Thanks."

Did I mention that Shilo also thinks Violetta is really pretty?  He doesn't deny it like Geoff does, however.  Every time he passes her in the dorms, he swoons a little.  This was the first time he ever worked up the courage to speak to her.  I fear in spring it may become more than just a budding friendship.  Poor Russet.  I fear heartbreak and a family feud of epic proportions.

Russet: *bes oblivious* Would you look at that?  It's transformed in to a winter wonderland out there!

Burrich: *knows he looks good in his underwear*

I think Violetta may be harbouring some secret feelings for Shilo in return.  She often sneaks in to his room while he's sleeping and watches him sleep works on her assignments.

Burrich: What, no tips?
It's the underwear.  Your uncles and aunt don't want to see it.  Sorry, baby.

Shilo: I wonder what Burrich would like for Christmas...?

Shilo: "What would you like for Christmas?"
Burrich: "Well, you certainly don't need to spend a lot of money...."

Burrich: "Perhaps instead of individual gifts, we should all three chip in and buy a video gaming system of some sort?  Something the whole dorm can use and enjoy."
Cheerleader: *enthusiastically agrees*

Shilo: "You're so right, Burrich.  And smart.  You're my best friend in the whole world."
Geoff: *is crushed and suddenly feels superfluous*

Burrich: Beauty is only skin deep... hmmm...

Burrich: ... the only question is, can I manage to capture the image of inner beauty?

Benjamin: "Get out of my kitchen, young lady!  I know exactly what you're planning and you won't get away with it this semester!"

Llama: "Eat those pancakes!  Woo!"
Burrich: "Didn't I see our enemy mascot a moment ago?"

Geoff: Ooh, this cow vs. llama fight would make the perfect topic for an assignment!
Everybody else: *is caught up in the actual moment*

Burrich: *basks in snowflakes*
Opal: "Hey, aren't you a Fennell?  Call me!"

When study time is over and they're just waiting for their exams, having already assured their places on the Dean's List, this is a typical evening for Geoff and Shilo.  Flower arranging and sewing in Geoff's dorm room.  Geoff has a bronze flower arranging badge now, while Shilo has surpassed him in sewing skill and moved on to curtains.  Win.

Burrich: "I hear you modelled my underwear in a catalogue for extra money.  Aren't you worried about getting a bad reputation?  I hear underwear catalogue models never get any real modelling work..."
Achilles: They looked better on me, you tactless bastard...

Eysling belongs to witheredlilies.
Celeste Nelson belongs to niloublue.

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(Deleted comment)
Thankyou :)

Hmmm, Violetta's top... I remember downloading it, that's the annoying part! I know it was on LJ, I can't find it in my "best finds" section, and I can't for the life of me remember who made it. Next time I'm in game I'll check the tooltips for you, I promise :) not sure when that will be is all, but I'll definitely remember to look... I'm pretty sure I downloaded it at a time when I used to re-tooltip clothing just so I could find it again if I wanted to, so it might even have the url...
if you can't wait, feel free to hotlink my picture of violetta and post in a WCIF section, I really don't mind :)


I'm sorry it took me so long to find it. But here it is.

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