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Sims by Izza

My Sims 2 experiences and creations

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GOS Secret Santa #3
I finished my gifts!  They're even packaged and waiting for me to upload them...

However, I thought I'd never get them finished in time, what with kidney infections flaring up, emergency room visits and having to spend a great deal of time "enjoying" complete bed rest.

I only finished the actual creating/testing/previewing about 12 hours ago and yet I can't wait to be allowed to send them.

I really, really hope my Santee likes what I made....

.... isn't it time yet???

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Yay, I am glad you finished your gifts! But I am really sorry to hear about your healt issues. I hope you get well soon! *hugs*

Sorry to hear you've been ill. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
Any chance of having a peek at the secret santa goodies once you have send them? I always love your creations.

Thankyou guys <3

I've just sent my gifts (woohoo!) and I'm sure my giftee won't have any objections to me sharing what I've made here... stay tuned :D

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