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Sims by Izza

My Sims 2 experiences and creations

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You Don't Understand Me - Recolors of Nilou's "Crayons" Hoodie

Time for an uploading spree, yes?  My GOS Secret Santa giftee this year was xsynkka and here's part one of six gifts.  A ridiculous number of hoodie recolors.....

..... because there are never enough seperates for children, am I right?

So basically, you get what it says in the teaser image.  All the hoodies are categorized for both male and female children.  The files are clearly labelled and in neat little folders so you can easily just put in the colors you want (or if you're insane like me, all of them!)

Mesh is included.  Title reference.


Credits: Fakepeeps7 for the mesh, Nilou for the textures, Pooklet and Aelia for the color actions.

Policy: Do what you like, but please credit me if you put them on your sims for upload.  Yes, a clean installer cap is perfectly fine.

Please Note: Aelia's Jewel colors and Lonesome add-ons don't actually work (like, at all) with my version of Photoshop.  In the case of colors from these sets I have either heavily edited them or attempted to recreate them as accurately as possible.  They're pretty darn close in my opinion, most of them close enough that I can't tell the difference.  They're all as close as I can get them anyway.  This message will be copypasted to any set I use them in, hence mentioning both sets.

Thanks also go to:
Julian for modelling Teal.
Jane Riley for modelling Guncotton.
Maisie McDermott for modelling Blasting Agent.
William for modelling Coastal.
Dan Cave for modelling Torpedo.
Ash McGee for modelling Mint.
Logan for modelling Royal Blue.

All models are either made by me or born in my own game.

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These are great! Thanks.

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