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Sims by Izza

My Sims 2 experiences and creations

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Life's A Bitch - Recolors of Bruno's "aSIMmetry" Eyeshadow

Part three of six of my Secret Santa gifts to xsynkka.  More eyeshadows, this time in a selection of my own color actions.  Please forgive the not-quite-matching-background (okay, not matching at all) quality of the previews.  I took them at different times and I know they don't match (and make my own OCD tendencies go in to overdrive, btw).

Basic information.  These work for both genders and across all age categories and should be base game compatible.  Title reference.

Below is my failswatch!  Colors are in alphabetical order as follows:
Row One, Left to Right: An Apple A Day, Apple, Apple Peel Red, Azure Sky, Banana Split, Bed Of Moss, Berry Stain, Bleed Me
Row Two, Left to Right: Blood Orange, Blue As Your Eyes, Blue Dust, Bright Orange, Bronte Red, Candy Apple Red, Cherry Ice Cream, Cherry Lipgloss
Row Three, Left to Right: Cherry Pie, Chocaholic, Cry Me A River, Demure Green, Depths, Dirty Orange, Don't Make Me Blush!, Dried Apricot
Row Four, Left to Right: Dusky Blue, Dusky Purple, Faded Navy, Flesh Machine, Foggy, Forest By Izza, Four Leaf Clover, Hey Jealousy
Row Five, Left to Right: Hot Chocolate, I'll Have The Salad, Imaginary, Jaded, Khaki Green, Lavender, Light Tan, Love Your Pink
Row Six, Left to Right: Maroon Magic, Mocha Walnut, Off White, Pinky Purple, Prudence, Racing Red, Rainy Day Man, Retro Lime Green
Row Seven, Left to Right: Rose Dust, Rosettes, Rotten Apple, Salmon Spawntime, Sandflies, Summer Grass, Summertime Blues, Sun In My Eyes
Row Eight, Left to Right: To Sir With Love, Violet Eyes, Yellow Fever


Credits: Bruno for the alpha and textures.  I just ran my own color actions over them.

Policy: Do what you like, but please credit me if you put them on your sims for upload.  Yes, a clean installer cap is perfectly fine.

Thanks also go to:
Joanne Fennell for modelling Cherry Lipgloss.
Miska Lichfield for modelling Off White.
William for modelling Khaki Green.

All models are either made by me or born in my own game.