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Lemonsuck - 28 Default Replacement Face Templates

Here's part four of six of my Secret Santa gifts to xsynkka.  A complete set of default replacement face templates.  Obviously, this gift took me the longest to make (I only finished it the day before the first day of gift sending!), but when I saw face templates on her wishlist I really wanted to make some.  There are a lot of elf eared templates, as she professed a liking for elf ears, but I've tried to keep the set balanced with human faces.  There's one alienesque face among them, as well as a very interesting-featured face as the actual alien template.

If you're not familiar with face templates, I highly recommend reading the information I provided on using them in the five sets I made last year.  It would drive me insane to type it all out again, it's right there, please do read it if you're at all unsure of how face templates work.

I would also like to stress that unlike the sets I made last year, which I had plenty of time to work on and test, I have never bred any of these faces, either to each other or to any other sims.  I don't know how they breed or if they breed well.  My main focus was on creating unique faces that looked good across both genders and all age categories.

Below are the previews for each face.  I know they aren't uniform in size.  The previews are also included in the .rar file.  Additionally, the files that unlock, randomize and fix certain faces are included in the .rar as well.  Title reference.

Faces 01 to 04

Faces 05 to 08

Faces 09 to 12

Faces 13 to 16

Faces 17 to 20

Faces 21 to 24

Faces 25 to 28


Katu-sims for writing this great user-friendly tutorial on creating face templates.
SimPE for giving me the tools to create these templates.
AllenABQ for most of the template files (though I did edit Spookymuffin's where AllenABQ had missed an age category).
Terrakosmos for the alien template files and the files that add alien and elf faces to the townie pool.
Argon for the file that unhides the alien faces and the file that fixes faces 21 and 25.

Policy & Guidelines:
They're face templates, so a policy in general is very hard.  However, there are sure to be people downloading something like face templates for the first time who will need to be told certain, should be obvious, truths.

1. I have a NO TSR, NO PAYSITES and NO EXCHANGE policy for my sims.  Therefore, I would prefer people not to use randomly generated, unedited template sims from these templates as models or sims for download on the aforementioned sites.

2. It is not good form and is generally frowned upon in all decent simming circles to ever upload a randomly generated template sim and claim you made it yourself without working on a facial sculpt yourself to make that sim unique and therefore your own work.  Uploading legacy spouses who are template sims is usually perfectly acceptable if they're popular in your posted legacy, however.  I shouldn't have to say this, but it does still happen in the community, so I have.

3. Do not reupload these templates anywhere!  Don't claim you made them either.  They are freely available on both my Livejournal and Dreamwidth.  They're not going anywhere and they will always remain free.  This doesn't apply to xsynkka, who has my permission to share them anywhere.
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