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When You're Gone - A Set of 8 Skintone Blends

And finally, we come to the sixth and final part of my Secret Santa gifts to xsynkka.  Skinblends.  My first skinblends ever.

To be honest, these were made much earlier this year.  And xsynkka didn't even mention wanting skintones.  But I always give six gifts, so I included them anyway as an afterthought.  If you read The Frost Legacy, you may have even noticed the skintone pictured above on Aggie Frost.

Anyway, these were blended from skintones by a bunch of different creators.  I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, especially considering I'd never had anything to do with skintones before.  It was a sharp learning curve for me, but also a lot of fun to learn.

These tones feature nipples but not genitals.  All models are pictured without makeup so you really know exactly what you're getting.  I actually took the previews and then re-imported the textures later on after having smoothed the bodies out a little more, so the previews are slightly more pixellated than the skintones themselves.  The faces are unchanged.

They're available both as custom and geneticized/townified.  These files will obviously overwrite each other.  Also, please note that I geneticize my unnatural skintones at the opposite end of the genetic scale to Pooklet.  Soft Charcoal is geneticized at 0.02 and Mauve Mood is geneticized at 0.01.

They're also available as defaults.  That's right.  There are S1 to S4 defaults (S1 = Light, S2 = Base, S3 = Tan, S4 = Dark).  The greyish one (Soft Charcoal) is available as a Mannequin default (eg. the skintone that appears in Bodyshop when you preview content, etc.)  The eye-bleedingly bright one (Mauve Mood) doubles as an alien skintone default.  Title reference.






Credits: Azaya, Buffybot, Chakaru, Enalya, Ephemera, Jirka, Mouseyblue, Needlecream, Nilou and Pooklet.

Policy: Do what you like, but please credit me if you put them on your sims for upload.  Yes, a clean installer cap is perfectly fine.

Thanks also go to:
Norabelle for modelling Base.
Carrie Fennell for modelling Peaches 'n' Cream.
Gallagher Fennell for modelling Soft Charcoal.
Achilles Fennell for modelling Dark.
Ash McGee for modelling Tan.
Moonbeam Frost for modelling Mid.
Amanda Backman for modelling Mauve Mood.
Vergil for modelling Light.

All models are either made by me or born in my own game.
Tags: af, am, cf, cm, creations, default replacements, downloads, ef, em, skintones, tf, tm, toddler, yaf, yam

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