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Sims by Izza

My Sims 2 experiences and creations

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Unavoidable Hiatus
Unfortunately, I have to take an unavoidable proper hiatus.  My simming computer's motherboard/CPU have been destroyed (thankyou very much to my boycat, Alvin, for pissing inside my computer's case....)  My graphics card and hard drives are unharmed, but I don't have a computer that I can plug any of those things in to and actually boot up.  So no simming.  Or even creating.  I currently have no financial ability to get this fixed and it's indeterminable how long it will take - I actually need to sell my car just to afford to fix the computer, which I'm hoping will be sold...

I'd also like to point out that I'm completely without internet access at home, as well as still having no real option to re-upload any previous dead links to simming pictures or medafire links if required (let alone the numerous, as yet to be uploaded creations I was hoping to share, which are all trapped on the hard drive I can't access until my computer is repaired)... Once again, even after getting my computer repaired, I'll have no way of uploading anything major until I can afford to sign up with a new ISP...

So... if a link to one of my downloads is missing and you have a copy and feel kind enough to re-upload on my behalf, feel free to post a link to any of that in the comments section of that download so everything is still as accessible as possible.

And finally.... it's been months since I had internet, and I've been avoiding simming altogether so you guys won't miss out on any of my storylines.  If I get my computer fixed, regardless of internet access, I will be playing my hoods again.  There might be updates, there might not.  Super important things like marriages, childbirth, etc will be documented and photographed, then uploaded later for sure.  But as with all legacies of a certain age, for the time being there's going to be lost information if I play/post until I actually have internet again at home...

I'm sorry to disappoint anybody.  I will be back and better than ever, but it's a financially difficult time for me right now and I simply can't keep this site regularly up and running until the computer and internet situation is all completely sorted out...

... the most annoying part of all this for me... I've spent the past three weeks rebuilding my townie name replacement mod.  It's not done yet (names lists ready, coding in progress), but it will be more than double the size of the current mod and I was very excited about it.  It will still be completed, but there... at least there is something for the simming future that I've been working on... I actually started work because due to lack of internet, I've missed out on signups for GOS Christmas In July... so yes, a bigger, better than ever name replacement mod is in the works and will eventually happen....

I miss simming!!  And you guys!!  Gah!!!  Feel free to contact me via Facebook.


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I still miss you terribly, and I'm hoping for a swift return. However unlikely :3

Oh no. Bad cat! Hopefully you'll be back soon enough!

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