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Sims by Izza

My Sims 2 experiences and creations

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Sticky Post of Super Stickyness!
I'm Izza, known on GOS, BPS, S2S and MTS as CuteLilDeadGirl.  Welcome to my simming journal!  If you like my stuff, please do comment.  I don't bite and I genuinely love hearing from my readers.

For those who are curious, I live in Australia, not too far from Melbourne.  I enjoy the company of four cats; Darcie, Alice, Alvin and Abby and a very hyperactive yellow labrador named Ziggy.  I also greatly enjoy the constant company of my best friend of 14 years and the official love of my life, Ben.  Though it may sometimes seem like simming is all I do, it's far from the truth.  I read constantly (and it's rarely pulp or anything seen on a bestseller list), I write almost as frequently (I've even been published in the past), I design and make accessories for myself and my friends and I love dancing, singing, movies, cooking and good conversation!  I hate television and almost never watch it.  I also hate talking on the phone.  Seriously.

Feel free to friend me if you like, but please don't be offended if I don't friend you back or failing that, later delete you if you never comment my journal.

Note on broken and missing pictures and images: Due to Imageshack now charging a fee for hosting more than 500 pictures, they are (or will be very soon) deleting all but 500 of my pictures.  I can't afford a paid picture hosting account and I'm not paying for something I've had for free until now.  There will be missing and broken images on this site until I can find alternative arrangements for the thousands of simming pictures I already have uploaded.  Please be patient.  All missing pictures will be re-uploaded in time.  Pictures attached to actual downloads will take priority.  If you notice an entry with missing pictures, please private message me with the URL of the entry and I will give replacement of those pictures a priority.

Note on anonymous comments and comment screening: Anonymous comments have been disabled due to increase in bots (again!)  I'm so very sorry to my readers who aren't registered LJ users, but it has become impossible to weed through the bot comments. Yup.  I don't like having to do it, but ridiculous bots are ridiculous and relentless.  Due to increasing spam I have also had to screen comments from unfriended LJ users.  If you're not spamming me, you have nothing to worry about and your questions/comments will be unscreened as soon as I log in/read them.

Note on contacting me outside of Livejournal: If you'd like to friend me on Facebook, be my guest.  However, I would recommend shooting me a message telling me who you are if you'd like to be added back.

Master List Of Downloads:

Uploaded Creations (oldest to newest):

Singing In The Rain - Single False Eyelash
Baseball Tees For CF
Violently Happy - Apocalypse Themed Tees
Simple Baseball Tee Recolor
Fashion Party - String Of Beads
Wannabe Alex - A Black Bowler
I Can Dream - Bathrobe Recolor - Deleted in preparation for upcoming replacement, be patient!
Black Top Hat
"Caschetto" by RossyRose Fixed For All Ages
Thrift Store Girl - Catseye Glasses
Clockwork Fanboys - Themed Tees
Be My Lover - Pinup Style Underwear
Righting Old Wrongs - Misfits Tees
Izza's Freakin' Gigantic Townie Name Replacement Mod!
Fixes: Apartment Life Social Group Outfits + Bonus
Black Sheep - 43 Recolors of Corinne's Collectif Dress
This Is How I Disappear - 4 Ruined Dresses
Forgotten Worlds - 23 Torn Dresses
Don't You Know Who I Am? - XM62 Pooklet'd
I Wanna Come Over! - Jersey Dress Recolors
Headstrong - Raon 17 in Pooklet's Naturals
She's A Poser! - 33 TF Swimsuits
She's A Poser! - My TF Swimsuits Converted For AF/YAF
In The Still Of The Night - XM96A Pooklet'd
And I Will Be With You - 42 Pooklet'd Blouses
She Makes My Day - 23 Pooklet'd Dresses
Wait It Out - Peggy 04210 Pooklet'd
Clever One - An Ancient Peggy Free Hair in Pooklet's Naturals
Good Morning! - 33 Tees
Unlocked Maxis Clothing Made Custom & Townified
Don't Want To Wait Anymore - Yuxi's F2M Conversion Of Peggy 3900 Pooklet'd
Teenagers Pt. I - Yuichen's Drinking Mercury for TF in Aelia's Retro Colors
My Dreams - XM81A Pooklet'd
Beautiful People - A Default Replacement Face Template Extravaganza Pt. I
Beautiful People - A Default Replacement Face Template Extravaganza Pt. II
Can't Get There From Here - 17 Untuckable "Wifebeaters"
Leaving Home - Buffybot's Peggy Edit Pooklet'd
Cruel To Be Kind - Peggy 4147 Pooklet'd
Every Time I Try - AF to TF Conversion of Needlecream's "Remember Me..." Cardigans
I Can't Make It On Time - Rose Donation Hair 91-2 Pooklet'd
Comfortably Numb - 27 TF Skirts
Sleep On It - Peggy 4220 Pooklet'd
Last Ride In - Peggy 4748 Pooklet'd
Kiss From A Rose - Recolors of an Amaryll Sweater
Out Of This World - Recolors of Amaryll's AM Underwear
This Is It - Peggy 04963 in Pooklet's Naturals
One Of These Days - Peggy 4341 Pooklet'd
I Don't Love You - Recolors of Pooklet's Fruity Lips Redux
Sunday Morning - Recolors of the K&B Bathrobe for TF
You Don't Own Me - XM69 in Pooklet's Naturals
You Don't Understand Me - Recolors of Nilou's "Crayons" Hoodie
Garage Days - ZombieJill's Face Devouring Eyeshadow in Aelia's Autumn Colors
Life's A Bitch - Recolors of Bruno's "aSIMmetry" Eyeshadow
Lemonsuck - 28 Default Replacement Face Templates
After All These Years - Peggy 4463 in Pooklet's Naturals
When You're Gone - A Set of 8 Skintone Blends

Lots and Houses (oldest to newest):
Legacyville Cemetery - Community Lot

Pet Breeds (oldest to newest):

The Cheshire Cat
Sonia aka The Cheshirephail Breed
Pupcake aka Papoose

Sims For Download (oldest to newest - origin listed where applicable):

Cheva Gieke - Signals From Strangetown
Nero Graham - Postcards From Pleasantview
Fiona Morrison
Amelie Moncur - Last Inhabited Island On Earth: A Post-Apocalyptic Challenge
Natasha Fennell - The Fennell Legacy
Carmelita Cave - Last Inhabited Island On Earth: A Post-Apocalyptic Challenge
Carrie Fennell: Child Version - The Fennell Legacy
Carrie Fennell: Adult Version - The Fennell Legacy
Bijou Fennell - The Fennell Legacy
Dan Cave - Last Inhabited Island On Earth: A Post-Apocalyptic Challenge
Carolina Cave - Last Inhabited Island On Earth: A Post-Apocalyptic Challenge
Gallagher Fennell - The Fennell Legacy
Moonbeam Frost - The Frost Legacy
Wilder - GOS Sim Challenge
Eulogy - GOS Sim Challenge
Sunday - New Bedlam Asylum
Vergil - GOS Sim Challenge
Odette - GOS Sim Challenge
Javier - GOS Sim Challenge
Dusty - GOS Sim Challenge
Becky - GOS Sim Challenge
Norabelle - New Bedlam Asylum
Vada Fennell - The Fennell Legacy
Logan - New Bedlam Asylum
Maisie McDermott
Patricia Fennell - The Fennell Legacy
Julian - GOS Sim Challenge
Archer - GOS Sim Challenge
Rich Fennell - The Fennell Legacy
"Harry" - New Bedlam Asylum
Tottie - New Bedlam Asylum
Nellie Frost - The Frost Legacy
Rupert Fennell - The Fennell Legacy
Flamingo - GOS Sim Challenge
Alopecia - GOS Sim Challenge
Rosanna - GOS Sim Challenge
Rafe - GOS Sim Challenge
Octavius Fennell - The Fennell Legacy
Russet Fennell - The Fennell Legacy
Susan Lambourn

Gameplay - Stories & Challenges
Please be advised that my stories may contain profane language, nudity, sex, drug use, murder, incest, adult situations, jokes about necrophilia and general filth.  I don't really do warnings, but if you're a little kid or easily offended, I wouldn't recommend them.  They're not meant to be vanilla and they're really targeted to adults.

Last Inhabited Island On Earth: A Post-Apocalyptic Challenge (Prosperity/Apocalypse):
Amelie & Finn:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Josie & Will:  1 2
Dan & Paula:  1 2

The Fennell Legacy (Nova Legacy Challenge 2010):

Generation 1 Chapters -  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Generation 2 Chapters -  1 2 3 4 5 6
Generation 3 Chapters -  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
3.5: The College Years -  Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Generation 4 Chapters -  1 2 3 4 5 6
4.5: The College Years -  Freshman

The Frost Legacy (ISBI/Rainbow Legacy):

Generation 1 Chapters -  1 2 3 4 5 6
Generation 2 Chapters -  1 2 3 4 5

New Bedlam Asylum (Asylum Challenge):

Days -  1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Maxis Neighbourhoods:

Postcards From Pleasantview
Signals From Strangetown
Visions From Veronaville


When it comes to my creations, obviously do not claim them as your own work.  Keep my stuff the hell away from paysites, especially T$R!  It is perfectly alright to include my content on a sim you are uploading, but please give me credit in the form of a Clean Installer screencap or similar.
When it comes to my sims, do not upload them elsewhere anywhere, ever!  Don't claim you made them either.  However, feel free to marry them in to legacies, torture them, breed them until they drop, make them in to permanent townies, give them makeovers, whatever the hell you want.  I upload my sims so that others can enjoy them, and I truly hope that you do.
All of my sims include geneticized and townified eyes and skintones unless otherwise stated.  They also include townified hair and clothing.  Pretty much everything in my game is townified for my own enjoyment.  If you don't like this, feel free to fix the content in SimPE before putting it in your game, but do not ask me to do it for you as refusal may offend.

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